Top-Notch Services Start With Great Communication

  • We’ve been in business since 1997 – so we will always be around to take care of your needs
  • We are fully bonded – allowing us to work with any consultants you may have hired
  • We are fully covered by WorkSafeBC
  • We provide 2-10 year warranties on our work
  • We assign a dedicated and professional project manager to each job
  • We offer a wide rage of services making us a one stop shop for your property

Top-Notch Services Is Carried Out By Great Teams

Having the right team for the right job is half of the battle. That’s why we continuously recruit, train and monitor the team’s performance.

The required skill level of painters varies according to the nature of a specific job site. For example, hi-rise projects require painters with swing stage experience. Spraying projects will require a good sprayer, and brush work needs a great brush cutter. Some painters are better at masking than others, who may be terrific at painting. In general, most of our painters are skilled in the majority of these areas, and have many years of proven experience.

Our Project Managers Will Assess Each Project & Assign The Painters With The Right Skills For The Job.

For many projects, preparation becomes a major part of the job. The composition of the painting team may change based on that. The foreman directly supervises painters’ helpers to perform basic preparations, such as cleaning, scraping, masking, carrying equipment, etc. This also allows the young people a chance to learn and join the trade.

We Strive To Make The Job Easy & Painless For You.

We extensively train our staff to focus on our customer’s needs and custom services. This focus consistently leads us to put ourselves in the customer’s position to plan and carry out details of the entire project.
The question we consistently ask ourselves is, “What can we do better to make the project as easy and painless as possible for our client?”
Because of this self-disciplined approach over the years, we have developed systems and procedures to suit every type of project.