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Exterior Painting Restoration & Repairs

Exterior painting is much more than just applying paint to the walls. The quality of the preparation work will determine the life of the coating applied. Our painters have been fully trained in certified Standard Painting Procedures (SPPs). All our employees, from junior to most senior, are trained in using the same procedures to execute proper exterior preparation and painting work.

Because of using SPPs, our customers experience minimum re-dos, uniform quality, predictable results and long-term paint product performance.

To achieve long-term performance for exterior coating applications, we have adapted our Standardized Painting Procedures (SPPs) to accommodate BC’s various weather conditions.

The buildings we paint often also require repairs and restoration before they can be painted.

Some of the types of concrete restoration work includes concrete crack repairs to seal surfaces and prevent water ingress and further concrete deterioration.  Concrete repairs can be minor, but can also be severe where the concrete is spalling and significant rebar corrosion. This can happen along balcony edges and on tilt-up concrete structures. We are highly experienced in all types of concrete restoration.

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