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High-Rise Painting & Restoration

Garden City Residence on the Park

LOCATION: 9188 Cook Rd & 6333 Katsura St, Richmond

DESCRIPTION: Balcony Membrane Replacement & Exterior Painting

PROJECT SCOPE: Removal and installation of new balcony membranes, painting of the exterior steel canopies.



LOCATION: 2121 Alma St, Vancouver

DESCRIPTION: Suspended Concrete Slab Waterproofing Replacement

PROJECT SCOPE: Excavation and removal of existing landscaping, removal of existing membrane, installation of new SBS membrane, installation/replacement of removed landscaping. 

Mira on the Park

LOCATION: 683 Victoria Park W, North Vancouver

DESCRIPTION: Exterior Brow & Ledge Re-Coating

PROJECT SCOPE: Prepare and replace all liquid membranes on exterior building brows & ledges, isolated concrete repairs.


Altamonte Tower

LOCATION: 2979 Glen Dr, Coquitlam

DESCRIPTION: Exterior Repairs, Waterproofing, & Sealant Replacement

PROJECT SCOPE: Prep and complete targeted concrete repairs, remove and replace eyebrow and deck liquid membranes, exterior sealant replacement, exterior repainting.

The Regent

LOCATION: 1132 Haro St, Vancouver

DESCRIPTION: Liquid & SBS Membrane Replacement

PROJECT SCOPE: Replace waterproofing membranes for penthouses & subpenthouses, replace liquid membranes on exposed 6th & 7th floor balconies, rooftop and deck flashing replacement, targeted exterior painting.


LOCATION: 1333 11th Ave W, Vancouver

DESCRIPTION: Urethane Membrane Replacement

PROJECT SCOPE: Removal and replacement of existing urethane membrane at podium level and column caps.

Siena of Portico

LOCATION: 1428 6th Ave W, Vancouver

DESCRIPTION: Sealant Replacement, Exterior Painting, & Concrete Repairs

PROJECT SCOPE: Removal & replacement of exterior sealant, concrete crack routing and replacement, painting of all exterior concrete surfaces.


LOCATION: 3737 Bartlett Crt, Burnaby

DESCRIPTION: Balcony Membrane Replacement

PROJECT SCOPE: Removal and replacement of existing balcony membranes

The Parc

LOCATION: 2959 Glen Dr, Coquitlam

DESCRIPTION: Balcony Membrane Replacement, Exterior Painting, & Caulking

PROJECT SCOPE: Preparation and installation of new balcony and eyebrow membranes, exterior painting of all painted services, removal and replacement of exterior caulking.

The Sinclair

LOCATION: 235 Guildford Way, Port Coquitlam

DESCRIPTION: Exterior Envelope Repairs

PROJECT SCOPE: Concrete crack and parging repairs, exterior sealant repairs, balcony liquid membrane replacement, corner flashing repairs, and exterior painting of exterior concrete walls and balcony ceilings.

Nexus Condos

LOCATION: 3588 Crowley Dr, Vancouver

DESCRIPTION: Concrete Repairs & Eyebrow Membrane Replacement

PROJECT SCOPE: Crack and patch repair of concrete walls, sealant replacement, stucco wall repairs, balcony eyebrow membrane replacement.

Victoria Park West

LOCATION: 160 Keith Rd W, North Vancouver

DESCRIPTION: Envelope Repairs

PROJECT SCOPE: Concrete & stucco crack repairs, concrete parging repairs, sealant replacement, balcony re-sloping and membrane replacement, exterior wall repainting.

Carnarvon Place

LOCATION: 410 – 420 Carnarvon St, New Westminster

DESCRIPTION: Envelope Repairs

PROJECT SCOPE: Stucco crack repairs and general painting preparation, repainting of entire exterior envelope.

H & H

LOCATION: 1133 Homer St, Vancouver

DESCRIPTION: Envelope Repairs

PROJECT SCOPE: Removal and replacement of exterior sealant, concrete slab crack repairs, full exterior concrete repainting.


LOCATION: 1238 Richards St, Vancouver

DESCRIPTION: Exterior Sealant Replacement and Re-Painting

PROJECT SCOPE: EIFS and concrete repairs, sealant replacement, re-painting of the EIFS and penetrations.

St. Mortiz

LOCATION: 2350 39th Ave W, Vancouver

DESCRIPTION: Exterior Envelope Repairs and Re-Painting

PROJECT SCOPE: Concrete repairs, caulking replacement and re-painting of exterior walls, removal of brick façade, replacement of water-proofing and re-installation of brick façade.


LOCATION: 1745 Esquimalt Ave, West Vancouver

DESCRIPTION: Exterior Concrete Repairs, Sealant Replacement, Re-Painting

PROJECT SCOPE: Removal and repair of delaminated concrete, sealant replacement, repainting, installation of new railings.

Cornerstone I & II

LOCATION: 13353 & 13383 108th Ave, Surrey

DESCRIPTION: Exterior Repairs & Painting

PROJECT SCOPE: Building washing, stucco repairs, and exterior painting of both towers on site.

L’ hermitage Hotel

LOCATION: 788 Richards St, Vancouver

DESCRIPTION: Exterior Painting and Repairs

PROJECT SCOPE: Preparation and painting of all exterior concrete surfaces, soffits, Liquid membrane application, brick and stone sealing and exterior window washing.

Pacific Place Landmark

LOCATION: 950 Cambie St, Vancouver

DESCRIPTION: Exterior Painting and Repairs

PROJECT SCOPE: Preparation and repainting with Dow Corning All guard of entire high rise, roof top, balconies, crack sealing and stucco patching.

Guildford Way

LOCATION: 235 Guildford Way, Port Coquitlam

DESCRIPTION: Exterior Envelope

PROJECT SCOPE: Concrete repairs, sealant replacement, liquid membrane repairs and replacement, corner flashing repairs and exterior painting of concrete walls and balcony ceilings.

Ramada Granville

LOCATION: 1221 Granville Street, Vancouver

DESCRIPTION: Exterior Repainting & Sealant Replacement

PROJECT SCOPE: Full envelope rehabilitation including, caulking, painting, installation of new stucco, installation of new roof and addition of a roof deck, lead abatement, installation of new awnings.

Holiday Inn Vancouver Centre

LOCATION: 711 West Broadway, Vancouver

DESCRIPTION: Exterior Envelope Repairs & Painting

PROJECT SCOPE: Repair of exterior concrete surfaces, repaint all exterior surfaces

Vancouver Central Library

LOCATION: 350 W Georgia Street, Vancouver

DESCRIPTION: Exterior Repairs

PROJECT SCOPE: Exterior power washing, hand cleaning and sealing. Interior refinishing.