On Time, On Budget, With Peace of Mind


Our craftsmen receive extensive training in the use of our SPPs. All our employees, from junior to most senior, are trained in using the same procedures to execute the painting work.

As a result of using SPPs, our customers require minimal to no re-do s. Instead, they enjoy uniform quality, predictable results and long term performance . The majority of deficiencies are corrected during our daily checks, so that the deficiencies that must be fixed at the end of the project are reduced to a minimum.

Upon substantial completion of each project, after the project has passed our internal quality control process, we typically send a deficiency survey to the occupant to ensure that the project has met or exceeded the terms of the contract and that the results meet the satisfaction of the client.

Although we are strive to achieve a headache-free project for our client, as with any construction project, we cannot promise that there won’t be any problems. Any promise to that effect will be a fallacy. What we can promise is this: as soon as any problem arises, we resolve it immediately.

We are proud that we have never abandoned any project. We are dedicated to each project’s success. It does not matter how tough the project, when it comes to the completion of our project and the satisfaction of our customers, profit takes a back seat.

Our customers are the only reason that Prostar exists.