How long has Prostar Painting been in business?

 We have been in the painting and restoration business since 1997.  We have been focusing on medium to large size project in the commercial and multi-unit residential sectors.

Who are your regular customers?

Most of our projects serve the property maintenance needs of the property owners, property management companies and end users in the Lower Mainland. Our clients include property management companies for residential strata buildings, commercial and industrial buildings. We also serve other property owners, all levels of government and institutions, strata corporations, schools, hospitals and long term care facilities.

How many jobs you have completed?

Since 1997, we have successfully completed 5000+ projects, large and small.

Do you do only large projects?

Although we are experts in medium to large size painting and restoration projects, no job is too small for us. With service, quality and value at the top of our concerns, the testimonials of our clients prove that no other company in the Lower Mainland will offer you a better value for your money.

With all the overhead you have, are you too expensive?

The truth is actually the opposite. With our expertise and volume of the business we have, we are able to keep our costs low enough to become one of the most competitive in the market place. We are able to source all of our premium paint and supplies at a rock bottom cost due to volume purchasing, good working relationships with our suppliers, and as well as a great credit rating and payment history. Our painters are some of the most efficient painters available. Our costs are frequently referred to by our competitors as bench marks for pricing.

When you look at the cost, you should consider the entire scope of work and what’s been offered beyond the cost. In many cases, we may not be the lowest bidder, but many of our customers choose us because of the added value we offer.

What are the qualifications of your painters?

Usually our teams are comprised of a foreman, lead painter, painters and helpers.

  • The foreman and lead painter will have a minimum of 5 years of professional painting experience. Some may have professional accreditations, as well.
  • The painters will have a minimum of 3 years of professional painting experience.
  • The helper is typically an apprentice or beginner who has expressed interest in the trades.

Is your estimate free?

Yes, it is free, regardless of the number of times you revise your quote.

What are the credentials of your company?

Please refer to our Membership and Credentials Section for details.

What's your warranty on your projects?

Our projects carry both labour and material warranties ranging from 2 to 10 years. Some material warranties run much longer. However, some surfaces may be excluded from these warranties due to surface degradation, specific site conditions and environmental exposure. Please consult one of our project managers for your specific job.

Do you keep your work site clean daily?

Yes, we do. All supplies will be kept neatly organized and the site is cleaned up at the end of each day. Our workers are uniformed and polite. In addition, loud music and offensive language are prohibited on the job site at all times.

Do you offer free colour consultations?

Yes, we do. We work very closely with you to decide on your dream colours. We offer several colour choices and samples. Although colour decisions are ultimately up to the client, we help them make informed choices.

Do you provide regular progress report on the status of the job?

Yes, we do. All of our project managers are required to provide you with regular reports. If you are off site, written reports will be forwarded to you weekly.

How do you deal with extra work that I may require?

Usually for all extra work, we will discuss the details with you first and provide you a written report with an estimated cost and schedule impact. If the scope of work only permits cost plus work, it will be confirmed at the site as well. In either case, all extra work will require your written authorization before proceeding.

Do you guarantee your completion date?

In most cases, at the beginning of the projects we will provide you with an estimated completion schedule. We are proud to say that 90% of our jobs have been completed within that schedule. If a specific completion date is important to you, please discuss it with your project manager at the beginning; we are sure we have the resources to make that happen.

Do you protect my plants, furniture, etc.?

Yes, without a doubt. We protect your possessions in the same way that we would protect our own. We’ll cover all areas that are not to be painted, including all furniture, plants and other personal belongings. We perform a thorough check before we start working in the area to ensure items are protected. All pre-existing conditions and damages will be recorded and kept on file for reference.