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  • What are the company’s credentials?
  • Do they have a set of standards?
  • Do they post their standards on their website for everyone to see?
  • Are they an experienced company?
  • How many projects have they done?
  • What is their WCB Account Number and who is their Contact Person?
  • Do they have a Liability Insurance Certificate?
    (a copy should be readily provided which outlines a policy number and insurer, and amount of insurance coverage).
  • Are they bonded? ( construction bonding, don’t confuse with insurance)
  • What organizations do they belong to?
  • Can they provide references ,with valid names and addresses?
  • Do they provide a full, detailed written estimate which specifies the process, products and all other project details?
  • Do they ask for a large deposit? Be extremely cautious when they do!
  • Are you dealing with a pushy salesperson who asks you to sign a contract and to provide a deposit before they leave?
  • Do they specialize in painting and restoration?
    Or are they a General Contractor that provides a painting or restoration service?
  • Will they use their own crew for the work or do they sub-contract?
  • Are the jobs supervised or are labourers just dropped off at the site and left unattended each day without quality control or management?
  • Do they take photos of the work; before, during and after?
  • Is a completion time frame provided and is the work completed in consecutive days?
  • Are they readily available by phone and able to return calls the same day or are you dealing with an answering service?
  • How long have they been in the business with the same address and phone number?
  • Do they have a website that can provide you with additional information?

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