Prostar Painting & Restoration
Strata Painting & Sealant Replacement
From skyscrapers to townhomes, and everything in between, trust the pros at Prostar for your Strata painting and sealant project.
Prostar Painting & Restoration
Commercial Painting & Renovations
We have 25 years of experience providing a variety services for warehouses, restaurants, offices, and other commercial properties!
Prostar Painting & Restoration
Government & Institutional Painting
We have the experience and skills to work in even the most complex institutional settings.
Prostar Painting & Restoration
Interior Renovations
Beyond painting, we offer carpentry, millwork, wallcovering, flooring, and other building improvements to modernize and maximize the value of your Strata or business.
Prostar Painting & Restoration
Building Envelope Maintenance
With over 25 years of working around large scale properties, we can accurately pinpoint issues and provide experience based solutions.
Prostar Painting & Restoration
Concrete Restorations
& Caulking
Our specialized crews can seal cracks and gaps to ensure the integrity of exterior surfaces.


Building Envelope Renewal

Strata, Commercial, Low-Rise, High-Rise, Engineer Specified Projects

Strata & Commercial Exterior Painting

Strata, Low-Rise, High-Rise, Apartment & Townhome Complexes, Commercial, Warehouse

Strata & Commercial Interior Painting

Strata, Commercial, Rental Apartments, Municipal, Retail, Drywall Repairs, Textured Ceiling

Waterproofing & Membrane Renewal

Strata, Low-Rise, High-Rise, Commercial, Liquid Membrane, SBS Membrane, Eyebrow Membrane, Deck Membrane

Concrete Restoration

Strata, Commercial, Concrete Crack Injections, Painting, Traffic Coatings, Repairs

Wallcovering Replacement

Strata, Rental Apartments, Commercial, Municipal, Retail, Common Hallways, Lobbies

Flooring Replacement

Strata, Rental Apartments, Commercial, Retail, Common Hallways, Lobbies

Caulking & Sealant Renewal

High-Rise, Low-Rise, Strata, Commercial, Removal & Replacement

Interior Renovations

Strata, Commercial, Retail, Municipal, Tenant Improvements, Common Hallways, Lobbies


Low-Rise Projects

Prostar Painting & Restorations can help restore and re-energize your low-rise building. Over time, all buildings will begin to show effects of everyday wear and tear, including weather damage, dirt and mildew buildup, sealant failure, and material break down such as rot. A building that is not properly maintained can appear shabby, unattractive, and reduce value. At Prostar, we reverse those effects to maximize the property's value and prevent more costly repairs down the line.

High-Rise Projects

Prostar has over 25 years of experience painting and restoring large-scale residential and commercial properties all over the Lower Mainland. We maintain excellent relationship with Strata management companies and building owners. Our projects managers and foremen work closely with individual strata councils to meet the unique needs of residents, tenants, and the buildings they reside in. Our large and numerous paint crews have the skills and capacity to complete the most complex projects quickly and efficiently. We also stand by our work with a standard 2 year guarantee that states we will return to fix any issues not completed to the highest standard.

Interior Projects

We are highly experience in difficult interior jobs where access and traffic can be a challenge. This very common in industry we serve: Strata's, hotels, government facilities, and commercial spaces. In addition to painting, we also do drywall repairs, and textured ceiling projects.

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