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As our company grows, a growing question was brewing within our organization: to achieve consistency at all job site regardless of which crew was doing the job, what is the best painting procedure to adopt?

This becomes especially important in the areas in which we specialize: multi-unit residential complexes, high-rise buildings, warehouses, commercial facilities and institutions.

Through lengthy research and review, we decided that the PDCA standard painting procedures would be the best for our business.

The reason is obvious: 


Commercial & Industrial

Prostar Painting and Restoration Ltd. can help restore and re-energize your commercial building. Over time, all buildings will show effects of everyday wear and tear, including coating adhesion failure, dirt and mildew buildup, sealant failure and other deficiencies. A building that is not properly maintained can appear shabby or unattractive and thus discourage potential occupancy and reduce resale value. At Prostar, we reverse these effects to maximize the property’s value and prevent more costly repairs down the line.

Government & Institutional

While often requiring the same attention as other buildings, government and institutional projects must contend with complex protocols, procedures and multiple levels of oversight to be completed successfully. Prostar has extensive experience with a variety of clients, including municipalities, non-profit societies, and agencies at the provincial and federal level. Our project managers work closely with these clients to follow the unique rules and requirements of the specific institution, following the highest standards of professionalism and safety to complete large-scale painting and restoration projects on time and on budget.

Strata & Residential

Prostar has over 20 years of experience painting and restoring large-scale residential properties all over the Lower Mainland. We maintain excellent relationships with strata management companies, and building owners. Our project managers and foremen work closely with individual strata councils to meet the unique needs of residents and the buildings they live in. Our large and numerous painting crews have the skills and capacity to complete large-scale projects quickly and efficiently, without relying on students or inexperienced short-term labourers, as do many smaller companies. We also stand by our work with a standard 2-year guarantee that states we will return to fix any issues not completed to the highest standard.


Exterior Painting & Restoration

Exterior painting is much more than just applying paint to the walls. Our team utilizes the Standard Painting Procedures (SPP) for all painting projects.

Interior Painting

In addition to the standard interior painting, we do stain removal, drywall repairs, as well as texture, wall and ceiling repairs. Learn more about our interior painting services and contact us today to request a quote!

Waterproofing & Membrane Services

Exposed horizontal surfaces such as parkade floors or concrete brows and overhangs require a strong industrial coating to protect the surface from water, UV and other forms of deterioration. We have the know-how and quality suppliers to ensure these areas are completed to the highest standard.

Concrete Restoration & Caulking

While preparing surfaces and applying coatings is a major part of our work, some projects require greater efforts to improve the integrity and appearance of buildings. We routinely provide repairs to concrete, metal flashings, siding, trim and other components to improve the condition of the property.

Wall Covering

We provide removal of old wall coverings and installation of new patterns and colours, or removal and restoration of the drywall underneath the old wall coverings to paintable condition.


We offer removal of old carpets and replacement with new carpets or flooring, such as laminate and hardwood. This service can be integrated with painting and restoration work within a single project, for ease of management and efficiency.